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It's not that I'm waiting for a flash of inspiration; it's more that I'm waiting for inspiration to flash me. 25. student veterinarian.

Howl at me, bro


This philosophy applies to SO MUCH. 

Agents want to love your book. Hiring managers want you to be exactly the person they need. The person on the other end of that blind date is hoping beyond hope that you’re their huckleberry.

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  • Me: Nope, that kink is a hard line I won't cross.
  • Me: [Sees that kink on my feed by an excellent writer]
  • Me:
  • Me: [redraws boundaries]

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well then

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AHHHH I LOVE THIS SCENE. LOVE. Because Steve is just so lovable, Natasha is so amazing and we could probably count with one hand all the times Natasha Romanoff would be caught in public, standing on her tiptoes to kiss someone on the cheek. <3

It’s clear that she adores Steve and just wants him to be happy. He is still so lost in so many ways, but it’s these displays of love and kindness that keep him going. Sometimes Natasha underestimates herself too much in her own capacity for goodness and to care for other people. And I’m so very glad how this movie doesn’t let up on the fact that Natasha has such a good heart, and her friendship with Steve is a most wonderful way of showing that.

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#nat just goes about caring about people in a quiet and understated way  #like her little sidequest to get steve to date  #it was about her wanting him to be happy and have good things in his life and connecting to the world that he feels so lost in  #she probably disregards it as any points in her column because it’s not exactly wiping red out of her ledger  #but it still says a lot about her  #in some ways more than any death defying stunt to save the world ever could (via twistdmentality)

You know, I just can’t get over that scene after Hydra took them away to be executed, and Natasha Romanoff, literally bleeding to certain death with each second — still fights through her own pain to reach out to a shell-shocked Steve, and reassure him that it’s not his fault. 

How many times Natasha would have done this already? Taking care of people and telling them that they’re going to be okay and she’s there for them, despite herself already bleeding out and deeply hurt as well? In the Avengers, she never stops appealing to Bruce even as he’s losing himself to the literal monster inside him, swearing on her life to save his. She refuses to let Erik blame himself for falling under Loki’s spell. She takes up the call to take down Clint when nobody could, broken leg and all. 

And this — this is the most important part. Because what Natasha had to do to Clint, is exactly what Steve had to do to Bucky, in order to stop them from bring further harm to other people. Don’t think for a moment that it wouldn’t hurt Natasha to hit and batter away at Clint like that. He’s to Natasha, like how Bucky is to Steve. And then when Clint comes back and remembers what he has done when he was brainwashed, again, Natasha allows absolutely no room for him to even think that he was responsible in any way.

There’s a quiet kindness to Natasha that can be so easily overlooked, because she’s so deeply buried in all the mazes of her past and identities and circumstances — and yet this is her, something of her that has always been there, undisputable and just as genuine as the people she thinks she owes herself to.

God this is all so important to me and also, she gives Steve that speech in the truck about truth not being all things to all people, and basically how you can choose to reinvent yourself and be perceived the way you want to be perceived and be whatever person you want to be. And to me that means that Natasha not only has all these qualities, but she consciously decided that this is the person she’s going be. AND THAT’S JUST MAGICAL.

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A limerick:





Doesn’t look like a limerick to you? Try this:

A dozen, a gross, and a score
Plus three times the square root of four
Divided by seven
Plus five times eleven
Is nine squared and not a bit more.


::Slow applause::

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catherinmorland said: heey ok so i figured you were the best person to ask: what is leverage about/should i watch it?


listen there is literally no scenario in which i’d tell someone not to watch leverage


leverage is LITERALLY a show about a perfectly imperfect little found family OF THIEVES

like i am pretty sure you don’t need anything else in life

just think about it. a found family. consisting of 5 people who only have each other. five loners who learn to love and trust and rely on each other more than anyone else. you have your super smart hacker with a heart the size of a planet, your gravity-defying socially awkward thief baby girl honey bunch, your incredibly talented, capable and caring con lady, your ‘always here to save the day by hitting someone in the face’ grumpy dude who actually cares a lot but he doesn’t know it yet and your brains of the operation who gets them to become a team in the first place. and they help people. by being the best bad guys. it’s beautiful.

also it’s no big secret that leverage is the show with the Ultimate ot3. you think you have an ot3 now? wrong. you don’t until you’ve seen this show.

the show’s super funny it’s entertaining it’s actiony and it will make you care and break your heart and mend it again and you’ll cry and laugh and love these losers more than you can possibly imagine

you know you want it come on come onnnnn YOU WANT THIS FAMILY ok cool now go watch it

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leeniousone said: are you still doing the domesticity meme? can I ask for leverage OT3, number 29? (just mainlined all 5 seasons over the last 3 weeks and perfect thief juice OT3 is perfect). pease and thank you!!


29 - Forehead touching 

Hardison doesn’t know when it started. Some time after they stole a mountain for the second time, when Parker and Eliot fell into a crevasse and Hardison almost lost his mind with worry. The whole team took a while to come back from that job. 

But. Eliot will hug him now—for morale. When he needs a good luck charm or…or whatever it is that Eliot tells himself to make hugging Hardison okay. If it were up to Hardison, he’d hug Eliot all the damn time—right, no, if the world were really up to Hardison he’d got to sleep with a kiss from Parker and wake up to a hug from Eliot, and maybe vice versa if Eliot were down. But the world doesn’t work like that, so Hardison will take the hugs he’s given and be grateful. 

That isn’t the problem. 

The problem—if it’s even a problem, Hardison’s gut tells him it’s hinky but he doesn’t know why—is that, well. Eliot does something different with Parker. Or they do something different together. 

They touch foreheads. 

And it’s some next-level romcom kind of— Something in Hardison’s chest goes tight every time they do it. The two of them standing close enough to—but they don’t, they just bring their foreheads together and it’s somehow more intimate than a kiss. Maybe. 

Hardison doesn’t know when they started line up for it at the door, either—Parker first, then him, ready to give Eliot his good luck charms before he heads into the field. Hardison tries to make himself think about after, when Eliot’s gone and Parker will punch his arm and take his hand, offering affection in her own way, because that’s what’s going to make the hurt in his chest go away. He watches Eliot go in for the forehead touch, and—

—and Parker hugs him, so tight Eliot makes a noise like a chew toy before she lets go with a kiss to his cheek. Hardison is reeling, but maybe not as bad as Eliot, who trips a little when he moves, who must be so rattled that he’s forgotten how this goes, because he grabs Hardison by the back of the neck and drags him down until, until their foreheads are touching. 

"For morale?" Eliot says, and he still sounds unsteady on his feet. 

"Kiss him," Parker says, and Hardison has no idea which ‘him’ she means. "He wants you to." 

So Hardison does. 



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Puck and Oberon Sterek

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